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The lake

The 5 acre lake was originally created from a gravel/clay quarry

which dates back to the 1960's.

In 2012 work began to restore the site with it being landscaped and reshaped.

Since then, a lot of hard work has been done with a sustainable

management plan to create a superb fishery.


In 2023 we finally were able to install an otter fence.

Securing the future of the fishery and our outstanding stock of carp.

With a lot of hard work and help from so very kind people

we managed to do this ourselves. 


There are 10 well maintained swims all of which have many features

with varying depths to 14ft.

Due to the exceptional water quality the lake can

become weedy at given times of the year.

ThE Fishing


The fishing is more suited to the experienced carp angler.

The lake is by no means a "runs water" but with a mindful approach,

you should be in with a good chance of catching a few of the lake residents.

Our rules will give you an insight into the best methods to use.

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