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Our fishery management team will be available to help at any time during your stay.


The lake is on a private estate so please report any trespassing or

suspicious behaviour to our fishery management team ASAP.

We reserved the right to close the lake at any time.

Anyone found breaking the rules or using anti-social behaviour

will to asked to leave without a refund.


These rules have been put in place for your safety and to make sure you enjoy your stay. 

All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA rod license.

Litter will not be tolerated, please take all litter home with you.

The fishery and its surroundings must be kept tidy at all times.

We have 2 toilets onsite please use these at all times and bring your own toilet roll.

No Guests allowed, anyone else found on the fishery will be deemed to be trespassing.

Over 18's only, children are not permitted on the fishery.

Gates to the fishery and otter fence must be closed after use. 

Please park in the car park, not along the track.


Fishing is only permitted on the main lake, stay away from the other lakes and remain within the otter/boundary fence.

The cutting down or removal of trees

or any foliage is not permitted. 

Fishing shelters only, no tents.

Dogs, fires, swimming, or tree climbing is NOT permitted.

Drones, laser pens, loud music or firearms are NOT permitted.

Anti-social behaviour or illegal drugs will not be tolerated.

Alcohol is permitted but must be consumed in moderation, anyone found over-intoxicated will be asked to leave without a refund.

The following rules have been put in place to ensure the safety and welfare of our carp.

If you consider a carp is at risk or tethered, please contact the fishery management team ASAP.


Please ensure you look after our carp and return them to the water ASAP.

All anglers must have and use a carp care kit.

Landing nets, unhooking mats and retainers will be provided, do not bring your own.

Please look after them as any damages will need to be paid for.

Maximum of 3 rods to be used only.


Rods are not to be left unattended at any time.

Rear Rod rests are to be used at all times

Carp rods only minimum T/C 2 1/2 lb and no rods under 10 ft to be used.

Carp fishing equipment and tackle are to be used only.

The use of Baitboats or boats of any kind is not permitted.

Fishing is permitted from designated swims only.

Micro barbed hooks only               

Maximum hook size 4's


No fixed leads, all rigs must be able to eject the lead if required.

The use of OMC Magic Twig is not permitted.


Rig checks will be carried out if we feel you are putting our carp in danger.

No Zigs, plastic baits or nuts of any kind 

No maggots, casters or worms

We recommend the use of high-quality boilies and pellets.

No particles are to be use but sweetcorn is permitted.

Please read our rules before you consider booking  

Our fishery management team are available to help at any time

The lake is private and not open to the public

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