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There is estimated to be around 150 carp in the lake with the total number being unknown due to "The Originals", when these carp were stocked  still remains a mystery to this day.

Over the past 10 years, carp of different strains have been stocked including

Lower Berryfield, Dintons and Heather Fisheries.

These were all hand picked and have shown excellent growth rates 

with many now over 30 lb.

Winter 2023 we stocked 5 carp for Avon Valley, 5 carp for Carp4restocking

and 3 from Course fish UK these were between 8-10 lb.


Along with the originals this makes an exceptional stock for you to angle for

with the lake record being The Big Fully @ 63lb 14oz.


Pike and Perch have also been stocked which has definitely helped to maintain the biomass.

No nuisance fish are present! 

There is estimated to be

around 200 carp in the lake

with no nuisance fish.

Stunning stock of carp

with many over 30lb.

Lower Berryfield,  Dinton

and Heather Fishery carp

have been stocked

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